Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Matrix Screensaver... finally!

This is definitely one of the screens I ws looking for... couldn't find any good stuff online, so I build a very humble one myself. Since I am not using any fancy Ncurses to better control the chars positioning on screen, it was hard to bring the Japanese chars down, instead of up... in the end, I sensed the feeling was about the same, so I decided to release like this.
All opened for improvement suggestions, and patches, if you find any problems!
Planning to release 0.1.1 soon, with this screen included!

Here is the help info for this one (that's all I could come up with, lol):

$ termsaver matrix -h
TermSaver v.0.1.1 - A simple text-based terminal screensaver.

Screen: matrix
Description: displays a matrix movie alike screensaver

Usage: termsaver matrix [options]


 -g, --granularity
              an integer value to define how dirt should the screen 
              be. Default value is [10]. Use something like [1]
              for clean style, or a [100] for total dirt.

 -d, --delay  Defines the speed (in seconds) of the character 
              movement. Default value is [0.09] (in seconds).

 -k, --kana-only
              Displays only Japanese characters 
              (excludes alpha numeric).  

 -z, --zenkaku
              Displays full-width (fattish) Japanese characters.
              By default it displays half-width characters.  

 -h, --help   Displays this help message


    $ termsaver matrix -g 100
    This will print out random characters in maximum dirt (using 
    almost the entire screen space). Try [1] for very clean results.

    $ termsaver matrix -g 5 -d 0.001 -k
    This will give a cleaner print than the default, much faster 
    with only Japanese characters.  
See more information about this project at:

Report bugs to authors at:
Update (2012-04-15):
Received message from Twitter @Metztli_IT, asking about fonts to display Japanese characters. Nice one! I just tested with clean installation machines, without any problems, using the Monospace font by default. Let me know if anyone is facing font problems.


This was originally posted on APRIL 13, 2012 

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